Our website is finally up and hats off to Dick Raney at Art Wave for a fantastic job. He comes with our highest recommendation! Joyce and I are so excited to get this project up and running and our new book into the market. The good Lord has hand in this from the very beginning, but that’s a story for the next blog.

First, a thank you or two are in order. Our literary agent Keith Carroll did just a fantastic job. He didn’t like our first manuscript but encouraged us to refocus some things. The second time around, after taking all his advice, he thought it was ready for a publisher. About a month later we received a proposal from River Birch Press, where Brian Banashak has been so accommodating. Almost everything we asked for they were able to do – including upping the release date by a whole month. Thanks to your whole team Brian!

And we want your feedback. So please leave us a review after reading the book. And if you enjoyed it, and have some friends that would enjoy it, please tell them how to get a copy.

We’ll be blogging regularly so check in with us often or sign-up for our mailing list and get them automatically.