The Answer’s on its Way

In Chapter 26 of The God I Know and the Relationship We Need, I talk about prayer.  Probably the most challenging part of prayer is waiting upon the Lord for an answer.  He will always answer our prayers in His perfect timing.

If you are a normal person, waiting can be challenging.  We all remember waiting for the Senior Prom in high school or your wedding day or the birth of your first child or moving into a new house (perhaps new to you) or awaiting the publishing of our first book!  The hours seem to become days, the weeks become months, etc.  So, it can be with God as well!

Some of our prayer concerns are urgent – medical crises, marital difficulties, job loss, etc. – which heighten our difficulties on waiting for God.  The political climate today seems toxic to everything we believe in as Christians!

A dear friend of mine, Don Dunnevant, from the National Christian Choir, just wrote a new song and has given me permission to share the lyrics.  The title is “The Answer’s on the Way”, based on a Psalm 95 broadcast by Kathy Bowman, Director of the National Christian Choir, by the same title:

The answer’s on the way,
We’ve done all that we could.
We’ve turned to God to pray,
He’s working for our good!

Through trials we must face,
we can rest assured today:
We know our God is still the King of heaven,
And the answer’s on the way!

When we pray, we know God hears us,
taking every doubt and every fear!
Although the answer may not come today, if we believe,
We know the answer’s on the way!

Rest in Him, the promise keeper, trust in Him,
His every word is true! And stay in prayer,
because the Savior cares, when we believe,
We know the answer’s on the way!

In Daniel 10:4-12, Daniel has prayed for vision of what was coming toward the end of the Babylonian captivity of 70 years.  As time dragged on after he prayed, he began to wonder if God heard his prayer.  Then, Michael the Archangel appears to Daniel after 25 days with God’s answer!  Seems that Michael had to fight the king of Persia, aka, the devil, in order to deliver the answer!

Lamentations 3:25 says that the Lord is good to those who wait.  Rest in that assurance!  Until the door is opened, praise Him in the hallway!

Blessings, Joyce