Not Guilty, Your Honor!

In my mind’s eye, I can envision a courtroom scene on Judgment Day. Satan is the prosecuting attorney, and he has spent hours presenting the evidence of every one of my sins. I’m sitting at the defense table with Jesus as my defense attorney. I’m embarrassed and ashamed by all these accusations, and, worst of all, I know all the accusations are true. I had done everything Satan was accusing me of doing. I’m guilty by any and every measure, beyond any shadow of a doubt. Satan concludes his closing arguments by saying, “Your Honor, the prosecution is seeking the death penalty in this case. The prosecution rests.”

Jesus then stands to address the court. He says, “Your Honor (God), everything the prosecution has said about my client is true. But as you know, My death on the cross has already paid the penalty for those sins. The death penalty the prosecution is seeking has already taken place by My death. And my client, Mr. White, accepted My death and resurrection as the punishment for those sins. He accepted Me as his Lord and Savior many years ago. Therefore, Your Honor, we believe the defendant is not guilty, and the defense rests!” God doesn’t take two seconds to say, “Case dismissed. Mr. White, you are free to go!”