Life is a Jigsaw Puzzle

Peter and I are jigsaw puzzle people!! In the past few years, I have become entranced with Microsoft jigsaw puzzles for several reasons: 1) you don’t have to physically lay all the pieces out flat to find the ones you need; 2) you can choose the difficulty from six different sizes; 3) you can zoom into an area and see the details better; and 4) you don’t lose the top of your dinner table for the duration of putting the puzzle together.

Peter, on the other hand, is old-school puzzle fan and an engineer to boot. He meticulously sorts the puzzle pieces by shape and color in rows on table and becomes upset when I mingle his sorted-out pieces. I am more artistic and enjoy pulling out pieces randomly!

Peter has been on a jigsaw puzzle mission for the past two weeks now and I am spending time with him in the assembly of each puzzle. As I was working on a 1000-piece street scene with him just now, the Holy Spirit whispered to my spirit that this puzzle is like the plan for my life. It takes place one piece at a time at various intervals of my life – sometimes, I can get several pieces/revelations at the same time. Other times, I hit a dry spell and everything looks the same; all I see are the empty spaces and nothing gets accomplished. All of the colors are beautiful and uplifting but many colors are so detailed with shading that it’s hard to find the right match! Sometimes, I think I am acting upon a certain aspect of my walk with the Lord, only to discover that what I am doing is not the right piece at the right time.

Often, I take a “time out” and walk away from moving forward in my quest. I get distracted by other things and follow them instead of staying the course. Sometimes that may mean days, weeks or months of avoiding going forward to completing the puzzle! My mind acts like a dog on a leash who doesn’t want to move forward and sits down in rebellion. That’s when the still, small voice of the Lord nudges me to get up and go back to the puzzle and let Him help me solve it. I remember that I am wonderfully made by God as His perfect jigsaw creation and I have access to every piece to mature in my faith and my calling as His child. God is the epitome of patient love and He will not drag me into righteousness or maturity! And He does not allow any parts of His plan for my life to “go missing”! Every part of who I was created to be is readily available as I search for it with all my heart!