It is Good to Remember These Things …

One of my favorite Hallmark Series is “Signed, Sealed and Delivered,” which details the imaginary lives of four postal workers in the Dead Letter Office in the Denver Post Office.  A partial translation of the Latin inscription on the silver handled “Dark of Night Award” mug is “. . . it is good to remember these things . . ..”, which implies remembering the achievement of stellar service over and beyond the call of duty for the Postables.

When I was in grade school many years ago, my grandparents used the inside frame of the front door of their summer get-away to record the heights of their grandchildren when they came to visit them.  Each year there were “oohs” and “aahs” over the increased height of the measured line by your name and memories were recalled and shared.  My grandparents sold the home and moved to Florida before my last 4 siblings were born and my growth chart underwent new management!

In a daily devotional this week, I came across the encouragement to look back and remember where you have been at different times and events in your life.  The advice was directed toward our spiritual lives in particular.  In the 45 years that I have walked with Jesus as Lord of my Life, I have experienced so many challenges that had the potential to derail me in my walk, but God was with me all the way!  It’s fascinating how God saved me from going down the wrong paths or from doing it my way.  Each growth mark on my spiritual doorpost has been achieved through faith, challenge, tears and hope!  His word says that we gain godly wisdom as we follow Him through His word in our daily walk – sometimes I think I will be an owl someday!!  Just as God commanded the Old Testament Israelites to remember their slavery in Egypt and their deliverance through the obedience of Moses in crossing the Red Sea as well as His provision in the 40-year wilderness experience, we need to remember the parts of our lives that changed us and see how God was with us all the way!

As I continue to “grow up” into Him, let us always remember how far we have come since we first gave our lives to Him and rejoice in His mercy, strength and lovingkindness!