When Kidneys Fail

This is the latest book offered by Books About Him. The book is entitled When Kidneys Fail – A Story of Faith. It’s an autobiography of Steve’s two year journey with kidney disease. It was written to help people with kidney disease, and their families, better understand what lies ahead of them.

Along the way, they will face many choices and tough decisions. Steve’s journey included life and death decisions. He shares his experience in the hopes that it will help you with your journey and the decisions you will need to make.

The issues are staggering, and include mental, emotional, physical, financial, and spiritual challenges. And everyone around you will offer well-intended advice and opinion. But at the end of the day — the choices will be yours.

His faith in God carried him through the whole journey. And as you will read, his trust in the Lord meant everything. His Jehoshaphat moment was especially poignant. And remember, God loves you and He knows the mess you’re in!


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There is no easy way to hear that one needs dialysis, and it is probably even harder to receive a cancer diagnosis. Many people think they know what they would do when faced with these kinds of life-altering events. They may have preconceived notions about what therapies they will and will not accept. But when the time comes, and one faces the terrifying truth, decisions and behavior may change.

Mr. White was faced with both of these diagnoses, compounded by a diagnosis of Covid-19, which led him to look fear in the eyes and make decisions about his care that shocked even him. His faith in the Lord carried him all along his journey, giving him strength to ultimately navigate his medical issues.

Medicine is not always straightforward, and often medical problems and situations evolve over time as new information is revealed. Through his book When Kidneys Fail – A Story of Faith, Mr. White highlights his journey through the dreaded diagnosis, ultimately taking him to the brink of death and back again.

Dr. Sarah Friend, MD
Assistant Professor of Medicine
Department of Hematology and Medical Oncology

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Steve White’s, When Kidney Fail, is an open and honest description of his journey with kidney disease, his struggles navigating the world of transplant, and the decision to live with dialysis as seen through the eyes of an actual patient. It is a valuable resource to others who may find themselves in this situation along with their families. It is a story of how his faith in God helped him find the strength to decide to live with the diagnosis and help others by sharing his personal testimony.

—Denise Neal, RN. BSN, BS, CPTC, Transplant Coordinator

Mr. White’s book describes his first-hand encounter with end-stage renal failure. His transparent, faith-filled courage throughout the past three years are a testimony to his deep faith in the Great Physician. His close walk with God and his positive attitude are an inspiration to us all.

—Peter Hill and Joyce Hill (co-author, The God I Know and the Relationship We Need)

In his book, Steve White tells the very personal story of his medical journey and how he is thriving on the other side of significant adversity. His story will be an inspiration and comfort to many others who feel alone as they travel this unfamiliar landscape. His story is one of strength and perseverance.

—Laura Gonzalez, M.D. Cardiologist

Mr. White has been a challenging, but wonderful patient. He wants to know everything about everything regarding his disease and treatment; but he has also been compliant and done everything we’ve asked him to do. He has made great progress with his disease, and I wish I could give all my patients his attitude. His story is inextricable from his faith, and contains valuable information for patients and families dealing with kidney disease.

—Anupama Gowda, MD Nephrologist

As Steve’s wife I have lived every page of this book. It was not just Steve’s experience; it involved our whole family. We lived through it with him, and many of the prospective donors were family members. I admire his courage and perseverance but it was Steve’s deep faith that got us all through. He encouraged each of us, every day, to put our trust in the Lord. Today, we’re all very thankful. And it’s all God’s fault!

—Sherrie White, Caregiver Extraordinaire

When Kidneys Fail is such a great insight into Mr. White’s medical journey and would be useful for anyone dealing with a serious medical condition, or supporting a family member or friend. His book highlights many of the pearls and perils in the healthcare system. He gives us constant encouragement throughout the book to lean on our faith in God and believe in His plan. As a physician, his book reminds me to continue to maintain empathy and compassion even for the most difficult patient who is in the midst of a medical crisis. When Kidneys Fail should be read by doctors and patients!

—Dr. Simone Whitmore   OBGYN