Book: The God I Know by Steve WhiteBook: The God I Know by Steve White

The God I Know

The God I Know is about establishing a personal relationship with God. But it is impossible to have a relationship with someone you don’t know. So in The God I Know the authors share what they know about God’s character, attributes, attitude and personality in the hopes that it will bring you into a closer relationship with God through His Son Jesus Christ. Through stories, personal experiences, and Biblical stories they bring alive the God they know. And, there is a special QR code surprise in chapters 13 and 16 that you won’t want to miss! So have your smart phone ready!

This book makes a great gift and is perfect for Bible studies or Sunday School classes, with questions in each chapter for group discussion or personal reflection. AND, get a quantity discount when ordering 10 or more copies.

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The God I Know is a timely book for an America dangerously adrift from its spiritual foundation and covenant with God. Steve White and Joyce Hill provide an abundance of personal insights and relevant scriptural passages that call us to reconnect and strengthen our relationship with Him. It’s all about love.
– Bruce Garrabrandt, author of Life Lines and Make Yourself Ageless

Today, I finished reading your wonderful book. It goes beyond my expectations in that you both share deep personal thoughts about your need of and relationship to God. It was also clearly written.
– Lewis T.

I finished the book. Heartfelt and authentic. It seems a perfect fit for men’s groups or small groups. I appreciate it and will recommend to our groups.
– Allen J. (Pastor)

Heartfelt, Written clearly, Understandable, Inspiring…
Your title was perfect. I feel I know God and Jesus and have a relationship with them. Your book renewed my spirit and made me aware of my commitment to God and Jesus. I am saved again!!
– Fran

It’s a must read!
– Margie K.

I enjoyed the book! I think God has been misrepresented and the book is invaluable to teaching people God’s true character. I love how you emphasized relationship as this is the real key!! This is such an important message to share for such a time as this! I also liked how the chapters were short and you included thought provoking questions at the end.

I just was on a flight from Houston back to Atlanta. I finished the book on the plane and felt the Lord told me to leave it in the seat pocket in front of me because someone who needed to read it was going to find it.😃
– Juleen

I had a chance to read your book today and just wanted to let you know that I was both encouraged and overwhelmed – which doesn’t say enough. I have read the prodigal son story so many times but I never thought about it as the father being an example of who God is and it was an awakening and a reminder of how personalized our relationship with God should really be. I will be telling others about it also so they can read it. This may become a best seller for you.
– Sue G.

In just reading the forward, the preface, the acknowledgments, the introduction and the first chapter of your book, all I can say is wow ! As I began reading , the power of the Holy Spirit overwhelmed me, so looking forward to reading a chapter each morning with my devotions.
– Mike L.