The 11 Things Your Kids Should Know

Our country and our government have huge issues to deal with today. We have enormous debt, high unemployment, entitlement programs that are unsustainable, pornography, drug use, and skyrocketing divorce rates. We lack the honesty, integrity, and moral values of our forefathers. Our country isn’t broken. People are broken.

Author Steve White proposes a solution to thoe ever-increasing problems. In The 11 Things Your Kids Should Know (So They Can Save America), he discusses eleven important principles that should be the foundation of every child’s upbringing. By focusing on these basic ideas that help young people form good moral compasses, White believes we can raise a generation that embodies the same values as the country’s Founding Fathers, thereby bringing honesty, integrity, and moral values back to America. Some of the principles he discusses include teaching children to be nice, like themselves, make a difference, eat healthy and stay fit, never stop learning, and get to know God.

Using real-life examples, White shows how we can equip today’s children to make a difference, regain our value system, and save our nation.


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This book helped me so much in raising my twins. The advice and the broad spectrum of parental challenges is captured perfectly. This book focuses on what is really important for your children to be happy and lead a fulfilling life. Every parent should read this book!

—Sally W.